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Our services are many and varied. We are well qualified to provide you with targeted solutions to meet your outsourcing needs in all areas of formulation, warehousing, packaging and distribution.

Multi Industry Storage

Multi Industry Storage

We utilize the latest technology and service efficiencies to store, handle and provide on premises the different required services for various industries dealing with hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, fragrances and food related items.

Our varied storage options include

  • Complete bulk storage tank farm providing 200,000 gallons of storage with interior and exterior loading docks
  • State of the art high HAZMAT storage with complete containment and regulatory protection systems
  • Cold, cool and heated storage with hot box and low pressure boiler
  • Kosher certified storage
  • Sample storage
  • Red label product storage, DEA listed substance storage and FIFRA listed product storage

Our competent staff is well versed and knowledgeable and always available to provide help and answers regarding all your outsourcing and storage needs.

High Hazard Storage

Our facility is a modern, secure 200,000 sq ft single story building. It is totally fenced and fully alarmed with cameras on all perimeters, motion detectors and card access entry on all doors throughout the building.

Our facility is equipped with state-of- the-art storage capability to cover every type of storage requirement.

  • High hazard storage including .60 dm density sprinkler coverage with AFFF system allows us to handle all HAZMAT commodities.
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Red label product storage
  • DEA listed substance storage
  • FIFRA listed product storage
  • Fully insured A++ rating
  • Complete containment
  • Electronic security systems with video surveillance to satisfy the strictest insurance requirements
  • Full .60gm sprinkler system with thermally activated, pressure AFF foam-water system for highest level of fire protection to handle corrosives, oxidizers, flammables and toxic materials

Automated Filling Equipment and White Room Facilities

Our staff provides certified, efficient and safe chemical packaging and distribution.

Our White Room is available for packaging and repackaging of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal nutrition and food grade products in a stringent environment follwing maximum USP, FDA and GMP guidelines.

We provide kosher chemical packaging following certified guidelines under the strictest rabbinical supervision.

Our chemical packaging and repackaging rooms are available for de-lumping and grinding process and for the filling of supersacks, gaylords and paper bags.

We specialize in automated filling lines for pails and cans of all sizes and containers ranging from totes to 4 oz. containers.

Packaging and Distribution

Bulk transfers, flexi-bags, tote and drum filling from rail, tank truck or Isotank can be performed inside or outside in spill continment areas.

We specialize in de-drumming and recasting of damaged containers.


Bulk Transfer Capability

Our warehouse management team is competent, organized and productive, allowing our clients to fully utilize the efficiencies of our sprawling modern facility.


  • Exterior and interior rail loading and unloading spots for rail car storage
  • Bulk transfers, drumming and box car handling
  • Interior and exterior truck loading docks; drive in truck docks are also available
  • Bulk transfers, flexi-bags and drum filling from rail, tank truck or Isotank can be performed inside or outside in spill containment areas.

Warehouse Management

Our warehousing and distribution facilities are meticulously managed. We combine the skills of highly trained people and the efficiency of digital technology to offer the best in cycle counting services, physical inventory services and information technology services. 

We utilize lot number tracking for efficient storage and tracking capability.

We also offer online customer visibility on our website. All customer data can easily be accessed by secure account login.

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